Justice And The Restorative Justice Essay

2011 Words Dec 15th, 2016 9 Pages
Criminal justice is a important aspect of our society, which it functions to organize the public and enforce justice. Many criminal professionals have studied to identify the best possible criminal justice approach to handle criminal problems we face. As a result, professionals have developed the restorative justice as a new alternative for the retributive justice where it primary focuses on executing the punishments. Restorative justice has gained popularity over the past decades in our society that many criminal related institutions have developed programs that are based on the restorative justice framework. CoSA, or also known as Circles of Support and Accountability is a good example of the community program that is based on the concept of the restorative justice to resolve the problem arises by the crime committed and promote the peaceful criminal justice. Despite the rising popularity of adaptation of restorative justice, it is critical to question whether it is a really successful criminal approach, or is it really a suitable for our society. There has been many social debates and research studies conducted to determine or answer these questions. However, no consensus has been established, despite the significant efforts of the professionals. But, it is a critical process to consistently work on to study the effectiveness of the restorative justice to promote better criminal justice system. In this regard, this paper will evaluate the restorative…

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