Justice And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Justice Reinvestment

In recent decades, the American prison population has grown into one of the largest and most expensive inmate systems in world. Government agencies, community organizations, and nonprofit think tanks have been coming together with the goal of overhauling the criminal justice system in America. The criminal justice system reform movement is being led by the Justice Department, The Pew Charitable Trust, and by community groups like FAMM. These advocates of criminal justice reform are critical of the policies born out of the war on drugs, and suggest that the tough approach to nonviolent drug offenders has led to a tremendous waste of resources without making communities much safer. The reform is primarily geared to steer drug offenders towards treatment rather than incarceration, to end low level mandatory drug sentences, and to reinvest funds in treatment centers as well as other programs and facilities in disadvantaged areas. This initiative is known as justice reinvestment and can be defined as a data focused approach to enhance public safety, and to decrease corrections and related criminal justice use of resources (United States Bureau of Justice Assistance). Justice reinvestment is an evidence driven, bipartisan attempt to reduce recidivism and control tax payer expenses, while at the same time improving public safety. There is also a concentrated effort by supporters of this reform to make sentencing for violent, career offenders be…

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