Fast Food In Low Income Communities Essay

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Low income communities, including people of color, are exposed to fast-food restaurants that contain lower nutrients leading to malnutrition due to its affordably. While high priced restaurant with sufficient nutrients are expensive, cooking at home will provide them an affordable option with all the nutrients necessary than the purchase of fast food.
Low income communities face greater chances of becoming malnourished since the cost of food is expensive and the only route, seemingly, more affordable is fast food that comes with a low cost. James et. al., in Do Minority and Poor Neighborhoods Have Higher Access to Fast-food Restaurants in the United States? infers the association of fast food with low income communities. He states that after the end results of his research “areas of concentration poverty had higher fast-food access compared to less impoverished Census
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Annie Ling, in The Kitchen Networks’ article speaks about the difficulties Chinese immigrants face when finding employment in the United States. Ling focuses on Rain’s narrative in navigating employment in the United States as an immigrant. Rain, the narrator, states, “‘Americans eat all that fried stuff. It’s not healthy’ Real Chinese food is more refined: ‘You have to spend a lot of time studying and really understanding it.’” Ling concludes how food is made differently than its original dish to increase the amount of food made at a rapid speed. The same occurs with food in many other fast food restaurants where the demand is high, hence this benefits the restaurant owner on not having their customers wait for long. Consequently, there is a cost aside from the dollar amount in buying fast food instead of cooking–that is one’s own deterioration of health doing the harm to one

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