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A study into the portrayal of eyes in the work of Jurek Zamoyski, Mark Powell and Alon Avissar (double exposure).
Eyes are one of the most powerful and important aspects of being a human. They are extremely symbolic and hold various values for different cultures and religions. In art, Eyes often perceived as the physical structure and appearance and less often about what you see through them. I chose to look into how eyes are portrayed through multiple artists, which included Jurek Zamoyski, Mark Powell and Aneta Ivanova and assessed their various techniques and concepts. I wanted to develop the imagination to explore from the view of eyes, as in what is seen through them; the mental interpretation of ‘eyes’. The three main artists that I explored
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Zamoyski paints portraits of animals consisting of the use of water-based paints and inks. He quoted that “Every animal has a soul” which creates a deep significance in his paintings and an insight into the powerful meaning behind them. The close up cropped images allow the viewer to see the animal through a different perspective and see the animal as something purer and beautiful compared to what they are normally seen as. It shows the good and ignores the bad. As Zamoyski puts it; his portraits capture the animals ‘beauty and inner soul’. The glazed eyes, such as Zamoyski’s piece: Mojo, are what make the portraits so remarkable and ‘eye’-capturing. I decided to look into his work to start to develop my own work based on the aspect and view that animals are strikingly beautiful. My work although not done in the same style or material, has been influenced by Zamoyski’s idea of capturing an animal in a way that can only be seen through art. I exaggerated the beauty of the animals by using bolder and brighter colours in the way Jurek often …show more content…
His work is much more focused on digital media and bolder. The use of his images are often more graphical than Aneta Ivanova. However, one piece of his called ‘Seasonal Beauties’ stood out. It consists of four women overlapped by four different representations of each season over the top of them. This is produced through the use of layered images, similar to the photography technique; double exposure. Drawing my own double exposure photographs allowed me to create details and exaggerate some areas that I thought could be seen as more important and could make the drawing more powerful and effective. I used brighter bolder colours, further influenced by Jurek Zamoyski’s use of bold exaggerated colours. My exposure photography comprised of the physical appearance of an eye corresponded by a scene that represented a season. I thought about the meaning behind the drawing by composing a four picture series, called ‘Seasons Change’ where each one suggests there is a resemblance to a season. The eye is the same throughout each piece; contrasting with the changing seasons of time. This, influenced by Avissar, creates the idea of time passing and the environment changing, but us being the same

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