Julia Alvarez's 'Before We Were Free'

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Secret Police of the Dominican Republic 1960s

The secret police have been watching my house for weeks now. They just sit and wait in their black shiny cars. But what are they waiting for? I just don't know.
The secret police is an organization that kills, tortures, seeks revenge, spies, and follows every command of their leader. The secret police was lead by Johnny Abbes, who was a fan of violence and murder. He was the chief planner of all the assassinations which, were many. The SIM, including Abbes were very cruel. But, the cruelest person being involved in the SIM was Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. Trujillo for short. Trujillo was the dictator of the Dominican Republic, so ofcourse the SIM would do anything for him because he was a very cruel man himself. The SIM were really created for Trujillo’s rule. The SIM would eliminate Trujillo’s opponents and threats in any way for his pleasure, for his special treatment, and for their own fear of being killed.
The secret police did not have a certain
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Julia’s life was similar, to the story and had some of the same characteristics as the book. Her, and her family actually moved from the Dominican Republic into the United States when Julia was ten years old. But while she was in the United States, part of her family was not. She wrote this book to testify about Trujillo, and the Secret Police. The secret police are as just as real in the book as in real life. The secret police did even more awful things in true life. The tortures and mechanisms that were used are very unbelievable. The actions in the novel, and in the flesh all match up. After the assassination of Trujillo Anita’s father, uncle and others were tied to palm trees, shot at, and thrown into the caribbean sea by the SIM. Research shows that the real men who did assassinate Trujillo were killed and punished in this certain

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