Judith Wright Naked Girl And Mirror Analysis

Judith Wright is an acclaimed Australian poet who has worked in the fields that the people of Australia value. Wright represents these issues and ideas concerning the Australian people through her poems. Her poems are focused on life within Australia and she has touched on the on the process of womanhood through poems such as ‘Women To Child’ (1949) which conveys the thought process of a women experiencing pregnancy and the birth of her child and ‘Naked Girl and Mirror’ (1966) which focuses on the moral among adolescent girls is regards to their changing bodies. Wright draws on her own experiences to capture Australian women by composing about topics that concern womanhood.

‘Women To Child’ was written during Wright’s first and only pregnancy
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In the ‘Naked Girl and Mirror’ Wright continually uses evocative language to provoke emotion and appeal to the senses of the readers she is representing. Wright describes the persona as having, ‘smooth once hermaphrodite shoulders,’ to establish the figure of the persona as being androgynous, which can be displeasing to an adolescent girl when they are wanting to become and look like a grown woman. ‘Above those sudden shy curves furred with light that spring below your space.’ By using evocative words such as ‘shy’ and ‘furred’ so descried the dissatisfaction that the persona feels for her body. By manipulating language in the way that draws emotion Wright is able to establish a representation of readers and Australian society.

Judith Wright is renowned in Australia for capturing the essence of its people. In ‘Naked Girl and Mirror’ and ‘Women To Child’, Wright is able to convey a representation of the women in Australia though their experiences leading up to and within womanhood. She does this by drawing on her own context and experiences with her daughter to project them to her audience and create a representation for the women in Australia that also affects herself as she is categorised an Australian

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