Insanity And Awakening Essay

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Journey from Insanity to Self Slaughter
Insanity is the stage when women are credited with title of ‘Madness’ by the patriarchal society. Perkin’s The Yellow Wallpaper and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening both the texts can be studied on the basis of effects or the impact that such a brutal society can have on females of society. Insanity, which further results in an attempt of suicide or self-slaughter. These are basically the ways of escapism used by suffering woman. These are the ways, which frustrated females are forced to adapt when they are not able to fulfil the norms of patriarchal society. The women takes the step to bring her life to an end when she is not able to control her self and her desires. The desire of living for herself, her
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She felt that she has lost her own importance, her own dream. She has forgotten to love herself, respect herself. Till now, she has just remained busy in satisfying her husband and children. And the irony is, though women whole of her life keeps on sacrificing their lives in order to keep their families happy. But even after all these sacrifices, she is not a given a bit of respect by society, by husband or by her own children. The women have only two choices, one if she wants herself to be categorised as a good woman then she has to portray the role of wife, mother that is she has to sacrifice all her desires. And second is the category of being a bad woman or a black woman. According to patriarchy it is a category in which women can follow all her dreams, desires. She can cross the societal boundaries.
In The Awakening, society of Edna, offered women with two options. One is of being a mother and a good wife. Another is of being an artist, that is to follow her own dreams. The society of course was in support of first option. But Edna the protagonist actually realizes that she has failed in both the options. This realization actually broke her up. As a result she got so frustrated that she went into the sea and attempted to drawn herself. This action of Edna is so provoking that it has an ability to awake all the other sleeping women of

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