Persuasive Speaker Reflection

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Throughout the entire class, I have been questioning to myself if I have enhanced as a persuasive speaker, or remained as the same person that stepped into your classroom for the first time. And to be frank with you Schilling, my actual objective for Speech 100 was to progress into a decent speaker, so that one day I could possess the same atmosphere as Henry Clay. Bearing in mind that Clay was valued as one of the greatest speakers that has walked on this earth. Likewise, Clay is considered as the great compromiser for no reason, seeing that Clay managed to resolve numerous problems that transpired from the North and South, until both factions would compromise. Therefore, I desired to attain this goal by deliberately speaking on subjects …show more content…
I will start off by saying that I would classify myself as a four, seeing that I have participated as MC for a couple of speakers, and provided feedback to my teammates, when requested. In addition, I was the only one that wrote and typed out the entire “Donald Trump Versus Hillary Clinton” response, without any form of support. As for Fernanda Saldana, I would say that I would place her at a three, since Saldana offered good remarks to Bossley’s speech; however, I believe she did not contribute as MC (correct me if I am wrong). Next, I would place Joung Hwa Lee as a three, seeing that he remained quiet a majority of the time, when we would discuss about our speeches, and I did not see him partake as MC. As for Kryd Bossley, I would say that he is a 5, seeing that he contributed as MC for the computer performance, and Bossley offered useful comments for everyone in our group. Vincent Tercero would be a 4 as well, bearing in mind that he participated as MC for several speakers, and he would also contribute whenever he had the opportunity. However, I would say that Samer Dakar would be a 2, seeing that he would not say anything during our discussions, but Dakar did help with presenting the PowerPoints. Lastly, I will not categorize Kimberly Rodriguez, because I never had the opportunity to talk, nor did I see her participate as MC. In conclusion, it was a great opportunity to be in your class Schilling, and I hope that you keep on teaching Speech

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