Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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“It would have been too dark too dark—too dark altogether…” (Conrad 117). This quote explains how Marlow feels after working in the Congo. He found that his work in the Congo exemplified man’s true nature. He tells this to passengers on a ship anchored on the Thames, where Marlow is waiting for an interview. In Heart of Darkness; Joseph Conrad reveals how living outside the restraints of civilization exposes a man’s heart of darkness. Kurtz showed what living outside the restrictions of society can do to a man’s morality, civility, and sanity. When staying in the Congo, Kurtz lost all aspects of morality when fulfilling his job, which was collecting ivory. The Russian exemplified Kurtz’s moral degradation, “He declared he would shoot me unless I gave him the ivory…” (84). Greed for more ivory overtook Kurtz and caused him to threaten murder for more. His desire for surplus ivory was shown through the vast imports of ivory he brought to the company. When Marlow first arrived the company’s chief accountant told him that Kurtz “Sends in as much ivory as all the others put together…” (27). Greater profits spurred Kurtz’s desire for more ivory. His greed grew from the love of ivory to the love of women. He abandoned his fiancé, who was dutifully waiting for him in England, for a native woman. The passengers on the river boat discovered his betrayal when they first arrived at the inner station, “the woman with helmeted head and tawny cheeks rushed out to the very brink of the…

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