Jones Town- Jim Jones Essay

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Jonestown- Jim Jones
Student: Thi Nguyen
Grand Canyon University: General Psychology- 102
Date: 08-19-2012
Professor: Jennifer Jones

Jonestown- Jim Jones The tragedy named Jonestown happened in the past over 30 years and it still has been suspense from the bottom of the heart of everyone. Jim Jones is known as a American leader culture, is one of the most popular historian of America and Guyana’s history as well as the world’s history (Wilkinson, B, 2011). There are many books, articles, video clips described, discussed as well as argued about Jim Jones and Jonestown event. In this research paper as known as a social psychology essay , one more time, I would like write,
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After attended in churches as a pastor of over radical issues, he left these places and created the Peoples Temple in 1955 (The Jonestown Mass Suicide, 2008). Jim Jones had a son named Stephan who was born in 1959, and then he continued adopted an African American children, who were one of the most important things of his plan, it was “Multiracial rainbow family” (1970s, t. e., & Christianity, J. b, n.d.). Three years after, he had an idea to destroy people from Midwest of America by using of a holocaust nuclear, after that, he moved his family to Brazil in South America for two years. When Jim Jones moved back to America, he also moved his People Temples to Redwood Valley in California. In San Francisco, the people Temple expanded in wider with over 20 thousand members. After that, in 1973, Jim Jones decided and chose Guyana in South America to resolve and established the Peoples Temple and all members and followers admired, worshiped, and considered Jim Jones as a God. In two years, from 1974 to 1976, almost 100 members of Peoples Temple moved to Guyana from the United States and established Jonestown. The Peoples Temples did everything to clear out for agriculture when it was a jungle before. Jim Jones received a named as the most popular clergymen as well as the Peoples Temple was acknowledged, and he also received the named of Humanitarian in 1976. In late 1977, as Jim Jones had done well so many great things in the United States, the Jonestown

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