John Steinbeck 's ' The ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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In the 1930s, migrant workers George and Lennie take new jobs on a farm in California bucking barley for the ranch owner and his son. In the beginning, George and Lennie discuss their past and how they have come this farm; they have come from the north where Lennie did something bad and forced the two to flee. After they arrived at the ranch, they begin their work and in the process meet the other characters; some they manage to befriend and others become enemies. The duo encounter the boss’s son Curley who threatens Lennie and they meet Curley’s wife, who George predicts will bring trouble. Lennie feels threatened by both, does not like the place, and wants to leave. The book continues through a series of conversations that relate to the American Dream, isolation, social upward movement, and fear. At the climax, Lennie kills Curley’s wife and returns to the Salinas River (the safe place Lennie is to go to if something bad might happen). The story ends with George shooting Lennie. In the very beginning, two main characters are introduced. The first of the two is George. He is the caretaker and a father or brother figure to Lennie. From the start, George protects Lennie, which is evident when what happened up north with the girl is brought up to the reader. George is seen as a sharp man who is strong yet short tempered. He shows development and change in mindset throughout the book; this eventually leads to the demise of Lennie. Lennie, the second main…

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