John Nash 's Experience With Schizophrenia Essay

793 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
What is real, what is not? The film A Beautiful Mind continuously had me repeating this question. This is the struggle and frustration of one with schizophrenia. Many films depict schizophrenics as sociopaths or extremely violent, but A Beautiful Mind does not. It is inspired by the life of nobel prize winner and Princeton mathematician John Forbes Nash. Therefore, it was grounded in someone’s actual experiences which made the portrayal informative and realistic. Although, John Nash’s experience with schizophrenia in the film is not singularly what people with schizophrenia face since some may have certain symptoms over others. Overall, it accurately portrays what it would be like to live with the disorder for many.
In the beginning of the film, John’s lack of social skills is evident. His ‘roommate’ tries to distract him from his work, but John insists that he needs to continue working on his original idea. At the bar, he would rather study and do work than talk to his classmates. He is blatant when speaking to the blond woman who he finds attractive, showing his disregard for her feelings, or a misunderstanding of how she would feel. Throughout the film, he mentions that his work and math is more important than people. While he is able to get married, which surprised me, he still seemed awkward in his social relations. Ultimately, he puts his wife and son’s life in danger because of his mental illness. Due to his hallucinations, John almost drowns his son and knocks down…

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