John, Love, And The War Essay

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John, Love, and the War
Every human being in the world needs love. Without love, the world would be a very cold place. John Wade needs love a little more than the average person. He does things, good things and terrible things, for the purpose of being loved. Everything that John Wade does can somehow be linked to his constant need for love. Every step he takes, every decision, every move, can be connected to his need for love. He was neglected by his father and thus, his need for love only continued to grow. It grew far larger than that of other human beings’ requirement for love. The way his father treated him caused John to feel unworthy and even more desperate to please. John Wade goes to war, not to be a good citizen, not to serve his country, but to be loved.
What John was feeling on the inside was so well hidden that not even those closest to him knew his feelings of desperation and insecurity. Those feelings were the ones which led him to the lowermost part of a trench nine months after graduating. “He graduated in June of 1967. There was a war in progress, which was beyond manipulation, and nine months later he found himself at the bottom of an irrigation ditch. The slime was waist-deep. He couldn’t move. The trick then was to stay sane” (O’Brien 36). John Wade is waist-deep in gunk at war. That is how badly he desires love, he is willing to go into combat for it. People do not go to war for no reason. John Wade has a reason for going to war and it has everything…

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