Essay on John Locke And Locke 's Views On Human Nature

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Hobbes and Locke are both social contract theorists who have influenced many citizens of this country. To begin, they both start out talking about human nature. Locke and Hobbes had very different views regarding human nature. Locke claimed human nature as reason and Hobbes claimed it as power and appetite. Locke believes that reason is the primary attribute of human nature. Hobbes, on the other hand, thinks that people only care about power and appetite. We want certain things and we want to get power to get those things. Hobbes’ view is that there is no such thing as responsibility. Moreover, we look at the state of nature. Locke stated that the state of nature is the state of no government; law that obliges everyone and reason. With this we have four natural rights: life, liberty, property, and right of execution. 1) Life- God made us, so we are God’s property. We are obligated to preserve ourselves. 2) Liberty- without liberty, we can’t preserve ourselves, and we are responsible to God to do so. 3) Property- we have the right to mix labor with creation, and the right to keep the fruits of our labor. In other words, we have the right to the part of creation to which we labored for. With property you have two limitations, however. You have to leave as much raw materials for everyone else, and you cannot have spoilage. 4) Right of execution- the right to defend our other three natural rights by any means necessary. This, the right of execution, is given up to the government…

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