John Lewis, Malcolm X And The Black Revolution Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement envelops social developments in the United States whose objectives were to end racial isolation and oppression of African Americans, and to secure legitimate acknowledgment and government assurance of the citizenship rights listed in the Constitution and elected law. This historic time period occurred between the years of 1954-1968. There were numerous influential so-called Negro leaders amid the Civil Rights Movement, however there are three specifically that tremendously affected the way American Culture is today: John Lewis, Malcolm X, and Angela Davis. All three of these people have one thing in common, a beautiful and strong black mind that refuses to shy away from the issues regarding the black community in white America. Stemming from these intelligent black minds are John Lewis 's The Revolution is at Hand, Malcolm X’s The Black Revolution, and Angela Davis 's I am a Revolutionary Black Woman. The Revolution is at hand is a verifiably persuasive bit of writing by Mr. John Lewis that was a little too strident for some. John Lewis was conveying a message in a brash, aggressive, yet effective way which was conveyed to the black masses at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. Lewis contended the social equality bill, considering it was past the point of no return and that there is nothing in the bill that will shield black individuals from police savagery. Lewis expressed: “The voting section of this bill will not help the thousands of…

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