Essay on John Keats 's Life And Life

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Poet’s often have a topic they like to write about. Poetry is a writer trying to convey an idea to the reader. Poet’s like to talk about nature, religion, and may various other things. John Keats is not like other poets of his time period. John Keats wrote about was his life. John Keats’s life was remarkable in the sense of everything that was packed into his short lived life. Two of Keats’s major life experiences were love and death. John Keats’s Poetry was greatly influenced by his life experiences. John Keats was born on October 31st 1795. His father was Thomas Keats, and his Mother was Frances Jennings Keats. John had three brothers. Their names were George, Thomas and Edward. Edward died during infancy. John also had a Sister. Her name was Frances. When John was only the young age of nine his father, Thomas, died. His father’s death caused his mother to remarry. During this time period women could not own anything. After John’s mother remarried, the new husband sold all the property and his mother disappeared. She would later reappear back into John’s life when he was 15. His mother would die a year later to consumption. Consumption was the name given to the disease tuberculosis. John was left under the guidance of his grandmother. Finally, one day he was asked what he wanted his profession to be. At first, John did not want to become a poet. He wanted to become a surgeon. Shortly after he had made is professional decision, his grandmother fell ill. She would…

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