Essay on John Irving 's The World

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In 1978 the novel The World According to Garp by American author John Irving was published. In 1982 the novel was adapted for the big screen by director George Roy Hill. The screenplay was written by Steve Tesich and John Irving. Both the film and the novel are about Garp’s life. They explore his childhood, teenage years, and adult life; however, they each do this very differently. In the novel The World According to Garp the theme of lust is prevalent and plays an important role in the plot, in comparison, in the film adaptation, the theme of lust is scarce and does not have as much of an important role in Garp’s life. The choice to alter the element of lust had an impact on the mood of the film, altered the way characters were viewed and did not show the negative effects of lust as well as the novel did. In efforts to make the movie more marketable, the element of lust was greatly reduced. In the novel we are introduced to Jenny Fields and her initial realization that lust was a horrible thing. The nurse was in a movie theater when a soldier began to sexually harass her. She responded by reaching into her purse for a scalpel. She injured him just enough to teach him a lesson. This part of the novel set a tone for the rest of the book. Lust blinds people and they commit horrible acts that affect others is the resonating message. In contrast, the film touched the subject of lust very lightly, in the film the opening scene involves young boys snooping magazines with…

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