John F. Kennedy 's Civil Rights Address Essay

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On June 11, 1963, John F. Kennedy delivered the “Civil Rights Address” from the Oval Office to a camera placed in front of his desk. Americans around the country turned on their televisions to see their President deliver a powerful message about equal rights. Loaded with repetition, imagery, the use of first person pronouns, and occasional shifts in paragraph lengths enabled Kennedy to convey his message of persuasion through logos.
John F. Kennedy, a Harvard graduate, adored president, and charming man, effectively used logos in the “Civil Rights Address” in efforts to persuade American people to stop prejudice against black Americans. Statistics Kennedy utilized deeply impacted the nation as a whole. “One-half as much chance of completing a high school… one-third as much chance of completing college… one-third as much chance of becoming a professional man… twice as much chance of becoming unemployed” were all statistics about black Americans from that particular time period. These statistics Kennedy used were effective in showing that black people were not as privileged as white people. Black Americans didn’t have a chance to live equally unless white people would unite together to accept everyone. Statistics made the evidence Negroes didn’t have equal rights extremely clear; Kennedy put the statistics out in the open for every American to hear.
“The lack of an adequate education denies the Negro a chance to get a decent job.” This statement is parallel to the statistics…

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