John Druitt : The Case Essay

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Montague John Druitt: The Case is Closed He craved to write the first letter with the blood of his victims, but realizing it was too difficult, John Druitt cleverly selected a red liquid to resemble the blood in hopes to frighten the police. The letter read: “I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled (“Jack”).” Three infamous letters were believed to have been sent to the police by Jack the Ripper, who was a mysterious serial killer in the streets of Whitechapel, London. They gruesomely described the rapes and murders of some of the women, as well as talked about future killings he had planned. Disregarding the fact that the letters predicted the next murder, there was some question as to whether these were just a hoax to throw the police off course. Michael Ostrog, Aaron Kosminski, and George Chapman are all possible suspects in the Whitechapel murders. Years of built-up evidence against each individual suggests that any one of them could have been Jack the Ripper. Though some might say that Ostrog, Kosminski, or Chapman was the killer, there is stronger evidence to prove that Druitt was, in fact, Jack the Ripper. Druitt could have had connections to each of the murdered prostitutes, as it is known that he worked as a barrister (“Jack”). Many Ripperologists and original data showed that Druitt is the number one suspect in this case. Although the idea of his being Jack the Ripper is sometimes dismissed, there is a lot of evidence that…

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