John Donne 's The Flea Essay

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There are several poems written about love, romance, and lust from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. All of these poems have a different style to them, but most share one theme; the goal to seduce their love. John Donne was no exception to this common theme. Although Donne was raised in a devout Catholic household, his poetry would say he tried to commit a few sins in his lifetime, and he even tried to have others commit them with him. Some of his poems show him chasing a girl only to receive opposite feelings from her. An example of this can be proven in the poem, “The Flea.” Donne faces rejection when he is in the pursuit of his love, but he doesn’t accept defeat. He continues his pursuit for her in an aggressive manner, and she continues to reject him, becoming more hostile with every refusal as she knows she’ll lose more honor and her reputation from pre-marital sex than he will.
Donne’s ideas of love and lust become more immanent and visible as the poem progresses. The addresses of the poem clearly states that she is not interested in him, but he will not take no for an answer. During the time of the poem, women did not have much of a say in their lives. Either their husband or father decided what their decisions were for them. Fortunately, for the recipient of this poem, her parents did not approve of Donne; “Though parents grudge, and you, we are met,” (Donne 14). The maiden didn’t have any obligations to him, since her father didn’t want them together, but…

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