Joan Didion And Eve Babitz Analysis

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Joan Didion and Eve Babitz were both born and raised in California. Joan was born in Sacramento, and Eve in Hollywood. Joan moved to New York City in her early 20’s, while Eve stayed in California. They both had a love for writing and first worked in magazine publications before moving onto fiction novels and memoirs. Eve had a string of lovers in her life but never chose to settle down and get married and have children. Joan, on the other hand, did choose to get married and adopted a child. Although Joan and Didion have similar writing styles and similar writing careers, the two of them were extremely different in personality. Joan was always more reserved, and Eve was much more outgoing. Eve was a gossip while Joan wasn’t that talkative at the parties she attended, Eve was always searching for new faces, whereas Joan gave up on new faces to find, and the way they handled loss even showed the difference in their personalities. …show more content…
She’s from California. When she first moved there, she was in love with New York. But as time moved on, she started to fall out of love with it. She was always counting down the days until she could go back home. She eventually grew tired of it. There was nothing left to see for her, there was no more people to meet. So, she decided to leave when she realized she was depressed and could no longer handle living in the city. The Garden of Allah is about Eve Babitz, a young woman who was born in Hollywood, CA. She writes about her adventures and her friends from high school. It was mostly focused on two girls she knew, Mary and Gabrielle. She seemed very observant of these 2 women, noted how they both loved money and they were both very beautiful. The two of them had very different outcomes, though. Gabrielle had become successful while Mary had married a man who made her miserable, to the point where she got sick when she saw him and became very thin and

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