Jimmy Santiago Baca Essay examples

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It can be extremely difficult to focus on things that one may want to do in order for them to change their life. Life is full of surprises that sometimes we find ourselves becoming the person we never imagined to be. The memoir A Place to Stand by Jimmy Santiago Baca, a story about a man who was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, having a mother who desired to blend into “white world” and an alcoholic father, a man who was convicted at the age of twenty-one. Baca’s story tells about how he changes his life from being illiterate to becoming a poet inside the prison, exploring his inspirational transformation through poetry. This is a Journey of how Baca took charged of his life and molded himself as the person he is now. Baca …show more content…
Cecilia was very nurturing to her children by playing with her kids and cuddling them and would comfort them with hugs and kisses and tells them that everything will be fine. However, in spite of all that, she made a decision that left Baca wondering and heartbroken. Cecilia abandoned all three of her children leaving them at their grandparents’ house and chooses her own happiness and left with Richard to go to San Francisco, denying her past and living into the white world as Sheila. Baca never imagined his mother leaving them forever. But through all those hardships, Baca had his grandparents who loved him and took care of him. Growing up with his grandparents is the only time he felt that he was free. Baca was free to do whatever he wants; he is able to wonder around town, play with his brother and sister. The poverty that Baca experienced with his grandparents does not bother him. Baca was just happy to have people who show love to him but when his grandfather died Baca was sent to the orphanage with his brother.
As a child Baca suffered abuse from his father, Damacio and witnessed his father’s cruel nature inflicted on his mom, Cecilia. When Damacio didn’t get the job that he wanted he became dependent on alcohol and started to beat his own children and wife. Baca states “He was having trouble getting the jobs that the politicians promised him. Also, unlike his village where everyone respected him, in the urban cities of Santa

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