Jimmy Santiago Baca And Curandera Poem

There are many different ways that a poem can be portrayed. A poem can be used to express certain emotions or feelings towards a particular thing or subject, or it can simply be used to tell a story. It can be about life, love, or even death. The poems “I am offering this poem to you,” by Jimmy Santiago Baca and “Curandera,” by Pat Mora are both great compelling poems with interesting qualities. Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poem is a love poem. It is about a poor man in love who cannot afford to buy his love extravagant gifts, who therefore offers to give his love and affection instead. Pat Mora’s poem on the other hand is a sad narrative poem about the life of a Curandera, a person who uses herbal remedies to help heal people. The Curandera is an …show more content…
The theme of Baca’s poem is about love, whereas the theme of Mora’s poem is about nature. Baca was able to clearly clarify that love is the main theme of his poem through the use of repetition and imagery. It is clear that love is the theme of his poem since the line “I love you” (line 7, 13, 23, 30) was constantly being repeated throughout the whole poem. The line is repeated at the end of every stanza; therefore it is a crucial part of the poem. Mora was able to show that nature is the main theme of her poem through the use of figures of speech and imagery. Throughout the poem, Mora talks about what the old woman does for a living and how she goes about during the day. “She wakes early…She moves down her porch steps, rubs/ cool morning sand into her hands, into her arms” (line 8-11). The reader can imagine and see what the old woman does every day. The old woman must really love nature if she wakes up early every morning and goes out to rub sand on her body. “She listens to their stories, and she listens/ to the desert, always the desert” (line 20, 21). In this line Mora applies a little bit of personification. She mentions that the woman listens to the desert, even though a desert cannot talk. This line also shows that the woman is one with nature and accepts nature as a part of her everyday life; thus providing some support that nature is the theme of the

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