Jhumpa Lahiri's Writing Style in 'The Namesake' Essay

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Lahiri’s Writing Style

Having read Lahiri’s novel, The Namesake, it is apparent that she occasionally adopts a particular writing style, by which she projects thoughts into future. In other words, there are numerous examples in the book, where Lahiri chooses to ‘give away’ to the reader additional information about the characters which refers to their future situation and will either appear later in the book, or will never be mentioned again.

Projecting thoughts into future is a way of writing that Lahiri applies in various points throughout the book; however, the last three pages of the novel are totally based on this writing style. More specifically, the writer describes the way of life that Gogol and his mother will have
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Therefore, she is indirectly telling the reader that Ashima will not quit her persistent effort of conserving Indian food traditions and, therefore, their Bengali roots. Accordingly, each passage has its different use. However, if trying to generalize this writing style’s main effect, it seems to me that,

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