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Executive Summary

One can acquire knowledge by learning in classroom but generally there is a significant difference between practical situation and theoretical knowledge. To bridge this gap practical experience must be acquired besides theoretical knowledge. In order to achieve this experience we are handed over with this field work by our honorable course teacher Ms. Afia Akter, Assistant Professor of Finance.
It is a combined arrangement of gathering knowledge from classroom and from the practical situation what is happening actually.
The prime objective of the study is to produce learner’s practical knowledge in organizational environment and we can tune up ourselves for the job market interview session in future. We are able to
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The available literature suggests that static focusing on working capital management is not extensive in Bangladesh. The study although will not give a clear idea to draw a conclusion about the working capital management policy and practice of Bangladeshi Firms but will definitely give an overall idea about working capital management practice of the particular industry in Bangladesh.
This report focuses on the working capital management of a reputed textile firm of Bangladesh. In this regard, we have selected Square Textile Ltd. We tried to link our findings in working capital in Square Textile Ltd. and theoretical aspects. We have found some similarities and some dissimilarity in this regard. We have particularly pointed in the inventory management, liquidity management and credit policy of the company. Overall working capital management of square textile has been stated in detailed.
1.1 Background of the study:
Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge gets perfection with practical implication. As the concerning parties; educational institution and the organization substantially benefit from such a program namely “Term paper”, the sole purpose of Term paper is to train the students and prepare themselves for the real life in job markets. We have developed this Term paper as a partial requirement to acquire the BBA degree under direct supervision of Ms. Afia Akter,

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