Jfk Informative Speech Outline Essay

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Informative Speech Outline:

Topic/Title: _____Jhon F. Kennedy an Inspiration through the Ages. _______


Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to provide information on President John F. Kennedy. The speech will provide a history of President Kennedy’s life, the memorable points of his presidency and why he is an inspiration.

Specific Purpose: To share with them his early life, his political career, his load of presidency, his tragic death, and his inspiration.

Thesis Statement: President Kennedy proved to be one of the most remembered Presidents of America and inspires everyone, especially me.

Preview statement: President John F. Kennedy has been revered as one of the most significant Presidents in America’s
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Even turning down speaking at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August of 1963 to ensure the passing of civil rights legislation (Reeves)

D. Support for #3: November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas to smooth friction in the Democratic party Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in the back and in the head. Assassinating the youngest President to serve and also the youngest to die in office. The tragedy of President Kennedy’s death gave rise to his commemoration in history as one of the best Presidents America has seen (Dallek).


Summary/review statement: President Kennedy was an inspiration because he believed in a better world and worked for civil rights and inspired people to become better. His words echo through history to us today to take a stand and be the best that we can be for our country and for our fellow man.

Concluding remarks: President Kennedy inspires the least of us to become the best we can be. His memory gives strength to the weak that any person no matter their race or faith can aspire to greatness.

Bibliography/Reference Section: ( 3 references required).

1. Dallek, Robert. An Unfinished Life: John F. Kenedy, 1917-1963. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Co. 2003.

2. Donnovan, Robert J. PT-109: John F. Kennedy in WW

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