Essay about Jewish History And Their Tragic Pass

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Jewish people have been present since biblical times. The persecution of Jewish people has been visible since the beginning of time, with the destruction of the first Temple during the Babylonian empire era. Not only have the Jewish population overcome oppression, discrimination and prejudice they have overcome genocide. The Jewish people have been used as scapegoats and have been blamed for being the cause of all the world’s problems. This form of hatred continued for many centuries by a number of counties, rulers and other races. In this paper I will discuss a small overview of Jewish history and their tragic pass. I will also explain the main three denominations of Judaism and their beliefs. Lastly I will go into my visitation at Beth Israel Congregation in Vineland.
Abraham is said to be the first Jew and father of Judaism. “Judaism was the first religion based on monotheism, the belief in one God. All of the major Western religions found their roots in Judaism” (Grobman, 1990). The Jewish people have always been the subject of persecution and ridicule. “At one time or another, all Jews were expelled from England (1290), France (1306 and 1394), Austria (1420), and Spain (1492)” (Grobman, 1990). Before the Jews reached a place where they could experience some form of peace they went through continuous torment and violence. Adolf Hitler was not the only person who wanted to exterminate the Jewish people and treated them inhumanly. The Russian Czars are notorious for the…

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