Jesus Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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The life of Jesus is revealed in Lord of the Flies by William Golding within Simon. Good and evil being shown by Simon and the hunters. Simon is one of the boys who is stuck on an island during World War II. Simon bestowed love to everyone around him and he was killed trying to show the truth about the beast that was on the island.
Jesus considered the children like they were his own and Lord of the Flies demonstrates Simon the showing the most respect and care to the littluns. In the antecedent, Simon supports all that were around him feel good. When “… Simon found for them [littluns] the fruit they could not reach…” (78), He shows concern and love to those who didn't deserve it. Simon was a light-hearted young man who presented his love
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Simon and Jesus both show fearlessness in many ways. Simon showed his bravery by going out in the dark and finding out who the beast was “he examined the white nasal bones, the teeth, the colors of corruption.” As Jesus demonstrated his bravery when he was in the wilderness for 40 days. Simon’s bravery was the one that got him killed.
When trying to demonstrate your bravery, don't get killed in the act. Now Simon comprehends the truth regarding the beast and he was going back to tell the others. Roger and his hunters shout “kill the beast!cut [Simon's] throat! Spill his blood!” (218) The hunters were ready to kill the beast but instead murdered Simon. Just like Jesus was marketed to the Romans and killed by them. When Jesus was crucified some Romans had realized the wrong they had done and changed their position.
In conclusion good vs evil is shown in the life of Jesus and Simon. He served the littluns in getting the food that was high in the trees. Simon also showed bravery by finding who or what the beast was. He was the one who showed good most of the story and the hunters showed evil in killing Simon. Jesus Showed good in his life and to people from all blocks of life. From this, we examined the life of Jesus and Simon change completely by little

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