Jessie Farrington Short Biography

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Jessie Farrington was born in Mt. Vernon, NY on March 11 of 1929. Jessie graduated from Salem College in 1955 with an Atrium Baccalaureates and then went to University of Massachusetts to get her Master’s in 1958. After getting her Master’s Jessie went to University of New Mexico to get her PhD in English Language and Literature in 1968. She later went back to college at Purdue to get her degree to become a Veterinary Technology in 1987. Her main occupation over life was being a professor at New Mexico Highlands University. While Jessie only had one sister she had many family members that she lived with and one of the closest of them was cousin who was only nine months older.

When Jessie was young she originally lived in New York. As Jessie was growing up in New York, she had to move in with her aunt and her family, due to the Depression. Her aunt was a biology teacher at an all boy’s high school, so she had a stable job, and since Jessie’s aunt was the money maker in the house, Jessie’s mother was a stay at home mom and took care of Jessie and her sister and her cousins. Jessie’s dad was a business man and due to the Depression, he was unable to have a steady and job.

While growing up, Jessie did many things for fun. Jessie played hopscotch, jumped
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The dude ranch sparked her love for animals, especially horses. Once, on the way to the dude ranch, at the time is was a six hour car ride to get to Vermont from New York, she learned how to read. She was only four at the time and had only just learned the alphabet. Jessie also would go to a Jewish Charity Organization Summer Camp where her mother’s sister worked. It was at the age of seven that she learned how to swim from the head lifeguard during his lunch breaks. This sparked her interest in swimming and later she got certified as a water safety instructor. Her first job was also at this camp, where she was a kitchen

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