Essay on Jazz Music Has Gone From Being America 's Music

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Jazz music is the most quintessentially “American” of all music traditions for many reasons. Many people, of different cultures or ethnic groups, have come together to share their love of jazz music. “Jazz has gone from being America’s music to the world’s music.” ( “The French, Spanish, and African, Italian, and Irish- found common cause in their love of music.” ( To some jazz was known as the result of the melting pot, New Orleans. Jazz was created in the 19th century as voodoo rhythms in New Orleans. There, slaves were allowed to own drums. The sounds of European horns and African drums mixed, “it was like lightning meeting thunder.” ( The locals created the wild music by combining what they heard in other places, like churches and barrooms. “Everything is touched by the joyous anarchy called New Orleans.” ( “New Orleans has always been different, complex, and intriguing, so it’s fitting that jazz, the musical style the city gave to the city, should follow the same tune.” ( Musical events were always a part of New Orleans. European dances were often held to catch the public’s attention. Also the marching bands for funerals were common to comfort friends and family of the deceased. Artists often created their own style by improving, which became part of the method to create it. Improvisation in jazz music began because musicians were forced by society to play music…

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