Jazz Age Essay

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Castellon, Karen
Period 5
Mrs. Wehunt
March 30,2012
The Jazz Age 1920`s Like all the changes during the course of history that the United States has experienced The Jazz age can be explained as a time to experiment and try different styles. This period was taken place during a time when big businesses started to grow even bigger and the United states became even more industrialized. The Jazz Age happened after WW1. During WW1 everyone was focused on the war. Everything the people would do was to benefit the war. Once the war was over most of the Americans were ready to experience new styles and start all over again. There were changes in clothes, women, music, writers evolved, crime increased, and daily life changed during this
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A popular dance move during this period was called the Charleston. Besides jazz, Broadway shows were very popular during this time. This form of entertainment not only brought a way to pass time but it also was a way to make a profit. The directors of these shows took these shows very seriously in order to provide quality entertainment to everyone. One of the most famous Broadway show was Sally, No, No, Nanette. The fashion trend during The Jazz Age showed the rapid changes in the people. Before this period women wore really long dresses, long sleeve shirts, their hair was long, and most of their clothing was conservative. Men used to wear baggy clothing, and cuffs on the sleeves. These old fashion clothing was known as the Titanic Fashions. Young women during this time wore short dresses up to their knee and their hair was short with feathered headbands. Although when women started to wear these short dresses it shocked the world most of these trends inspired some of the clothing we wear today. Men’s style was inspired by a man named Rudolph Valentino. He would wear his hair parted in the middle and pulled back. Men wore straw hats or flat tops and for an everyday look men would wear sport coats. The life style during The Jazz Age was carefree. There was not the typical united family. During this period the first affordable car was invented by Henry Ford. This car was called the Model-T. The car

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