Japan 's Culture And Ideology Essay

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In the earliest recordings of Japanese history, there were little distinctions between gender, and limited separation between the roles of the two sexes. As time moved along, Japan slowly started to segregate men and women, it created a patriarchal society that women, even to this day, still suffer from. This great divide within the Japanese culture can easily be due to the religious influences of China and other Eastern cultures. With the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism to Japan, along with the hierarchical standards that they teach, Japan’s treatment of women went from equal to men to subordinate to them. Essentially, it is the religious values and traditions that have been so greatly incorporated into Japan’s culture and ideology that caused this rift and keeps it alive today.
During the earliest periods of Japanese history, there were “no distinctions [] ‘between fathers and sons or between men and women by sex’” (19). It was a fight to survive, and both genders were equally necessary for that task. Even with the rise of Queen Himiko, there was little power differences between the genders due to the existence of “co-gendered rulers” (19). In the case of Queen Himiko, she ruled with her “younger brother [whom] assisted her in governing the domain” (19). “Co-gendered governance [was] common among Japan’s early ‘great kings’” and furthered the idea of equality between the two sexes in the early years of Japan (19). But even with the co-gendered ruling that…

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