Jane Is Suffering From Nervous Depression, And Is Treated By Her Husband 's Beliefs

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In this short story, a wife by the name of Jane is suffering from “nervous depression” and is treated by her husband’s beliefs. The two are on a summer vacation in a colonial mansion that the narrator, Jane, believes is similar to a “haunted house”. She has these suspicions of the house being haunted because the rental price was cheap and the mansion had been unattained. Her husband, John, is a doctor and recommends her to stay in her room throughout the vacation and breathe the air. Although, her husband wants her to stay in one place and not involve herself in any physical activity she still manages to write in her journal without him knowing. The narrator describes her room in the journal, she tells us that the walls have rings in them and the windows have bars covering them up. She also, tells us that the faded and scratched up yellow wallpaper bothers her the most. In the meantime, family comes and go’s stopping by to see the married couple while on their vacation. Johns sister, Jennie, acts as a housekeeper and nurse for Jane. During the entire vacation the narrator is trying to reveal the pattern behind the yellow wallpaper, her obsession grows deeper deeper each day they’re in the house. The narrator tries to convince her husband to let them leave the house and go back home but he refuses to leave until she gets better. The narrator focuses on the yellow wallpaper so much she figures out the pattern, it is a woman trying to escape from behind the wallpaper, which…

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