Jane Eyre : The Most Controversial Novel Of The Victorian Era

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Jane Eyre: The Most Controversial Novel of the Victorian Era

Alex Caches
British Literature
Ms. Mojica
14 October 2016
Jane Eyre: The Most Controversial Novel of the Victorian Era Even at its publication in 1847, critics of the novel and the public could both agree that Jane Eyre was not only an immediate literary sensation, but it also emerged as the most controversial novel of Gothic literature to be published during the Victorian period. In many different criticisms of the novel, critics argue that the novel is both feminist and antifeminist, radical and conservative, Romantic and Victorian (Weisser xiv). However, Jane Eyre clearly expresses Charlotte Bronte’s criticisms of Victorian society. Bronte exposes the ills of Victorian society throughout the characters of Jane Eyre, as well as bringing focus to Victorian mores based on religious views and the status of women. The passionate, headstrong protagonist of the novel, Jane, defies the traditional characteristics of a woman in the Victorian period, as a young girl who struggles to find and the balance between moral conduct and love and her identity in her complicated social standing, while fighting against oppression and patriarchal domination. Throughout the novel, Jane finds herself inconsistently leaping between social classes, instead of becoming immobile within the strict social hierarchy, and her independence allows her to do so. Bronte constantly points out how the…

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