Jane Eyre Chapter 1-5 Analysis

Chapters 1-5: The novel is told from the perspective of Jane Eyre. The reader is immediately introduced to her three cousins Eliza, John, and Georgiana. John begins to harshly tease Jane by saying she is a poor orphan who should not be using his stuff. John throws a book at Jane and this causes a fight between the two to occur. Jane’s aunt, Mrs. Reed, blames the fight on Jane and sends her to the redroom to be locked in as punishment. This is the room in which Jane’s friendly uncle Reed died. Jane is forced into the room by Bessie and Miss Abbot even though she was resisting the whole time. She is treated very poorly, even considered less than a servant because she has done nothing to earn the roof over her head. When Jane is locked in the …show more content…
Mr. Lloyd suggest to Mrs. Reed that Jane be sent away to boarding school. Jane hears a conversation between Ms. Abbott and Bessie about her past. Jane’s mom’s family (the Reed family) is very rich, but Jane’s mom’s father did not like Jane’s father because he was poor. When they got married, Jane’s grandfather took Jane’s mother out of his will. Jane’s parents contracted typhus and died when Jane was young. Jane’s father was a clergyman and got the illness while caring for other poor people Jane is able to go Lowood. When Jane shows up with Mrs. Reed, they meet the head of the school, Mr. Brocklehurst. Mrs. Reed tells Mr. Brocklehurst that Jane lies a lot. It seems Jane’s only friend in the Reed household is Bessie, and Bessie comforts Jane as best she can before she leaves for school. Jane goes to her new dreary school on a dreary day (super gothic beginning to CH. 5). Jane is introduced to what will be her new daily routine there at school. The reader is introduced to Miss Temple, a tall and seemingly nice lady. Helen tells her the school is a free school for orphaned girls. It seems the Reeds did not even care enough for her to send her to a paid school even though they are

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