Essay on Jane Austen And Charles Dickens

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Both Jane Austen and Charles Dickens possess names that the average teenage American has heard of at some point in their few years of life. Throughout the following text we will explore what each has presented and contributed to their readers. Contrasting things such as sense verses sensibility, and fact verses imagination. In the reading of these different works, it is easy to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for different perspectives and situations. Let us begin with delving into the first novel ever published by Jane Austen; Sense and Sensibility. Within the title lie the ideas of the plot of the entire book, a contrast between the possession of sense and of sensibility. In this book, sensibility is portrayed in characters such as Marianne and Willoughby, as well as in certain ideas and reasoning. Sensibility led to the carrying about by ones feelings to extreme responses. The display of highly cultivated, “emotional responsiveness” is the essence of sensibility and later led to the creation of an entire literary genre. This was the basic foundation of what romantic sensibility meant in the time of Jane Austen. While Austen did not consider herself a romantic author, she created a very effective portrayal of romantic sensibility in this novel. Contributions of wisdom are another part of Austen’s work in Sense and Sensibility, especially in the relation of these two attributes in human behavior and nature. Throughout the entire plot, Elinor is a consistent…

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