Essay about Jane Addams And The Hull House

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In Twenty Years at Hull-House, Jane Addams described her mission for the Hull-House in Chicago to offer a center for educational learning and to improve the city 's conditions. The Hull-House was successful in achieving her mission by offering classes to gain domestic and educational skills and opened opportunities for young women. Although, the lack of immediate response to social problems by the government and the ethnic divide between the neighborhood and the residents of the house limited its attempt to provide service to the poor.
The Hull-House offered classes to the poor to learn domestic and educational skills. “The Hull House Weekly Program” described the daily activities that occurred during the week at the House. The different activities were drawing, cooking, learning English, singing and educational related skills (Addams, pg.208-216). There were many clubs and activities for children and adults. For children, there were day care services and kindergarten classes to teach basic skills. The Hull-House Labor Museum held classes for sewing, millinery, embroidery and dressmaking (Addams, pg.138). Addams felt that it was important to learn these skills that would benefit the poor for occupational and domestic services. Addams and her colleagues lived among the poor in the settlement houses to fully understand how the other half lives and what social problems affected their lives. Addams visited Toynbee Hall in England, which taught her to understand the life of the…

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