Who Is To Blame For The Civil Rights Movement?

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Satyagrah-1919: Against the Rowlett act Gandhi started a protest Known as “Satyagrah” in 1919. Gandhi himself was a leader of this Satyagrah. Muslim league plus the Satyagraha Sabha together with various other small corporations synchronized as well as organized the largest Satyagraha of the time. This act gave a brand new direction for the movement. Gandhi arranged a bulk protest whatsoever India history. Hindu and Muslim gather together and Lead to the biggest Satyagrah ever in the history of India against British and showed their unity yet again. In 04 6, 1919, a many Indian strike has been prepared. There seemed to be mafia physical violence with Bombay, …show more content…
They Show their unity against British Government and their Black Bill. This is one of the saddest incident in the history of Indo-Pak. This incident shows Foolishness and no mercy of British government for the people of India. Jallianwala is situated in the city of Amritsar and upon the “Black bill” of Rowlett act Hindu and Muslims were gathered at Bagh(a public park). More than Lack People(Both Hindu-Muslims) were gather there and protesting against the “black bill” of British government.
Reasons For This Incident:
• One reason is that Hindu and Muslim were gather against Rowlett act which actually destroyed all the rights of the peoples of Indo-Pak. This Law defined the blackness of British heart and um maturity among the Muslims and Hindus of Indo Pak.

• Another big reason is that the British government prisoned a cream leadership of Hindu and Muslims of Indo Pak . Gandhi from Punjab railway station got arrested and on the contrary from Amritsar two leaders Saifudin kitchlew and Rastian Paul got arrested by British Government .

• When people got to know the arrestment of these leaders they started to protest against

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