Essay about Jainism : The Religion Of Non Violence

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Jainism Religion
Jainism was born in India in the 6th century B.C, making it one of the oldest religions in the world (Religion Facts). Although it is little known outside of India, it has played a huge role to other religions. This ancient religion has influenced both Hinduism and Buddhism, therefore they all share similar cultures. However, there are some factors that separate Jainism from the rest while also influencing them. Jainism’s belief and living, compassionate practices, and symbols: including holidays and festivals are what makes Jainism unique while it helped develop the other religions.
Ahimsa Dharma translates to “The Religion of Non-Violence” which is the central teaching of Jainism. They strongly emphasize the importance that this principle extends to all forms of life because they are taught that there is life in all and as long as they have life, they shall not be harmed (McAvity). Ahimsa, however, is simply not just avoiding violence, it is a whole way in life (BBC). Mahtama Gandhi is believed to be the founder of Jainism, therefore his life and teachings are an essential guide for the life of Jains (McAvity). One of his most significant teachings is, “there is no quality of soul more subtle than non-violence and no virtue of spirit greater than reverence for life (Tobias).” They follow this practice extensively, therefore it is important that Jains are vegetarian. They do use products that were made by the harm of animals or humans. Jains also cannot…

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