Jackie Robinson : A Black Man Played With A White Baseball Team

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It is no surprise that the first time a black man played with a white baseball team, also known as the great experiment, it was heavily covered in the press, because of the fact it was the first time a black man participated in the most popular pastime in America, previously deemed a sport for whites only. Jackie Robinson 's participation in the sport caught the attention of American 's everywhere, and drew large crowds to the stadiums, with fans curious to see how a black man playing on a white team would play out, due to the fact it went against the previous belief held by the country that blacks and whites shall not mix. Organized baseball and mainstream press gouged integration as a success because a black man was now playing among whites, whereas black press tended to present the idea that African American 's still had a long way to go, and that this was only the beginning. The black press was not content with the "separate but equal" idea and did not wish to wish to be "patient" or "gradually wait for change" as white/mainstream present often encouraged. Most of the press about Robinson was positive, commending him for being a leader in the black community, at a time in American when most of the world was against equality of African Americans.

America 's great experiment of Baseball Integration involves the movement of African Americans seeking equality and America 's favorite pastime. Between the years 1890 and 1950 baseball was the most popular sport in America,…

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