Jack The Ripper Case Solution

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Jack the Ripper: Case Solved? Jack the Ripper was one of the first documented serial killers in history. While there has been a lot of controversy about the killer, the identity of Jack the Ripper is still a mystery. The Whitechapel police believed that the killer was a Jewish man with hatred towards women. Aaron Kosminski was Jewish, had spent time in a mental hospital, and was known for his loathing of women. Even though there are many suspects that people believe could be Jack the Ripper, it can be proven that Aaron Kosminski is the killer, Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper stole the lives of five women prostitutes, nonetheless there are rumors of five to six more. The identity of Jack the Ripper is unknown, but there have been over one
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A shawl was discovered near the body of Jack the Ripper’s fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes. At the time, the Whitechapel police thought nothing of the shawl because they did not have DNA analysis back then. One of the officers took the shawl home for his wife; she stashed it away, passing it down through her family’s generations (Klein). The family donated the shawl to Scotland Yard’s Crime Museum. A cotton swab test was conducted on the shawl in 2006 but the results were inconclusive (“Jack the Ripper”). Eventually the shawl ended up at an auction and a detective bought it. He decided to have the shawl tested for DNA evidence using DNA from a descendent of Aaron Kosminski’s sister conducted with a process referred to as vacuuming. “I filled a sterile pipette with a liquid ‘buffer’, a solution known to stabilize the cells and DNA, and injected it into the cloth to dissolve the material trapped in the weave of the fabric without damaging the cells, then sucked it out.” (“Jack the Ripper”). Five years ago, this kind of DNA extraction would not have been possible. The results of the tests were that the semen DNA found on the shawl belonged to someone in the Kosminski family, yet it could not be narrowed down to Aaron Kosminski. The DNA discovered on the shawl that could be used for vacuuming, was mitochondrial DNA because it can withstand the test of …show more content…
There were only two known witnesses who had encountered Jack the Ripper. It is likely that there were more, but they feared for their safety and kept silent. One anonymous witness identified the killer refusing to testify in court. Israel Schwartz claimed to have seen Jack the Ripper attacking Elizabeth Stride, victim number three. The assailant saw Schwartz and shouted at him, causing Schwartz to flee in fear of being attacked himself (“Jack the Ripper”). Joseph Lawende was conversing with two of his friends when he saw Catherine Eddowes, victim number four, talking with a man. This occurred shortly before Eddowes was murdered. Lawende only glanced at the man but was able to give police a description (“Welcome”). Both Aaron Kosminski and the man had a medium build, had a small fair mustache, and both were around five feet and nine inches in height. The witnesses refused to testify because the killer was Jewish. They did not want to go against one of their own since Jews were persecuted enough already. Kosminski was also Jewish and the police had suspected someone of Jewish descent of being behind the crimes since the start. If these witnesses testified in court, the Jack the Ripper case would have been close. Aaron Kosminski is Jack the Ripper and the witnesses helped validate that. There are too many similarities between the assailant and Kosminski for them to be anything but one in

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