How Did J. Edgar Hoover Influence The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

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J. Edgar Hoover was an intelligent man that used manipulation to his advantage and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to what it is today. Hoover worked for eight United States presidents and served as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 48 years. Prior to the Federal Bureau of Investigation being under the jurisdiction of J. Edgar Hoover it was named the Bureau of Investigation (BOI). Several members of the Secret Service were hired to become the first agents of the bureau. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had limited authority on investigations they could conduct. In the early years of the bureau, “the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigations included investigating; antitrust, banking, bankruptcy, and neutrality, violations, crimes, committed on Indian reservations, the interstate ship after 1910, madams, prostitutes, and pimps.” The first assignment of the Bureau of Investigation was to survey each house of prostitution in the United …show more content…
The first orders that President Roosevelt gave J. Edgar Hoover on May 8, 1935 was to investigate American fascism. World War 2 was beginning and President Roosevelt wanted Adolf Hitler investigated because he was a threat to the United States allies. Over the next two years,“ the Bureau’s work was largely limited to collecting files from state and local police, monitoring public rallies, and gathering newspaper clippings.” Hoover and the Attorney General on October 14, 1938, proposed a new plan that would create an immense intelligence service. President Roosevelt told no one he approved of the plan and “reach into the secret cache of White House funds to give Hoover $600,00 under the table, a 10 percent increase over the FBI budget authorized by Congress.” Moreover, the Z-Coverage program allowed for mail to be opened if it was believed to be communist

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