It Is Troubling When Marriages Fail Essay

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It is troubling when marriages fail. This essay attempts to show the nature of marriage as addressed in the Bible; definition of marriage, when it occurs, divorce, objections, remarriage, and the impact of divorce on the Church and society.
God does everything for the good of the believer, marriage is no different. God created marriage with Eve; from Adam, one flesh (Gen. 2:22-23). The relationship between Adam and Eve is an object lesson for the relationship between God and man. The Old Testament practice of parents entering legally binding marriage contracts for their children, and a groom paying a bride price (Gen. 34:12) has gone by the wayside, it is now the couple themselves that volitionally enter the contract, or covenant. Nonetheless, the biblical permanency of this union is illustrated with the use of the term “one flesh” in both Old and New Testaments (Gen. 2:24; Matt 19:5; Eph. 5:31). Thus, the idea is that a person is not whole without his or her counterpart (Gen. 2:18). Biblically the weeklong wedding feast, and often the sheets of the bridal chamber (the shedding of blood), were public acknowledgements of the consummated covenant (Gen. 29:23). At this consummation God joins the two as one (Matt. 19:6). Today marriage is optional, and easily dissolved. Two people are married in modern society through exchanged vows, and a state certification. Intercourse is not seen as a covenant agreement, or legally binding, and therefore fornication abounds. Paul…

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