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IT Decision
Wobbly Wheels LTD
IT Decision
Wobbly Wheels LTD

Table of Contents
I. Project Description
II. Strategic Alignment
III. IT Portfolio Alignment
IV. IT Architecture
X. Benefits
XI. Requirements
XII. Cost Estimation
XIII. Performance Measures

Project Description
An employee scheduling system is used to plan all the tasks allotted to the employees. All the employees are assigned assignments through this system and will allow the organization understand and calculate the performance of the employees. This system will sustain a complete log of the tasks assigned to personnel and in case there is any change in the development of the work then it will be automatically managed within the system.
Strategic Alignment
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This system will manage the operations of the organization since the employees are the key asset of the organization; managing the employees will manage the operations.
Other projects are management reporting system, product development: route optimization and freight tracking system, marketing: mobile application, finance: accurate financial system and technical support: Fleet maintenance system. This is the only project that will improve the functional area of the operations. Since the operations impact all the other functional areas this is needed to be given the highest priority without this the system all the other systems will not be able to achieve its targets. Hence this project should needs to be given the highest priority.

IT Architecture
The employee scheduling system organizes the schedules of the employee which is used to calculate the incentives of the each individual. This calculation of the incentives is required in the accurate financials hence it should share the information of the number of hours of tasks that each employee has performed. Thus an integration between the employees scheduling system and the accurate financial system is required in order to manage the incentives calculation.
Mobile marketing application is required in order to manage the route optimization and freight tracking system. This route optimization and freight tracking system require the dispatching of the department staff and the sales staff.

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