Essay on Islamophobia in Britain

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It is commonly agreed that humanity entered into a new age, which is considered to be the “age of terror”. Undoubtedly, the consequences of the terrorist massacre that took place in the 11th of September in 2001 were significantly extensive. A great number of new forms of determinative legislation has been imposed in order to avoid certain terrorist actions. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that a great amount of these particular measures collide and violate the human rights. The matter is that democratic and liberal values are overwhelmingly threatened in the name of the national security.
In this way, not only a sacrifice of pure civil liberties comes along but precautionary measures are taking place in the
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The definition of Islamophobia is associated with the fear or hatred of Islam and it ‘refers to unfounded hostility towards Muslims’( Runnymede,1997). What is more, the word of islamophobia is derived basically from the word “islam” and “phobia”. The word phobia derives from the greek word ΄φοβία’, which means fear. In other words, it is meant that a ‘fear of dislike of something’ exists. More specifically, Islam is characterized as a ‘monolithic bloc’, stationary and impassive to changes. Therefore, Islam is thought to be something separate and ‘other’. A concept of separation, fear and otherness which is also expressed in Edward’s Said work Orientalism.

Analyzing the above statement about Islam some claim that it does not have common values and beliefs, in comparison with other countries and hence it may not sustain influencial activities by them and naturally cannot have an effect on them.
Moreover, another important debate is the fact that Islam is seen as inferior to the West. This means that in contrast with the Western thoughts and tensions it is believed to be ‘barbaric’, ‘illogical’, ‘primitive’ and ‘sexist’. One could also add that Islam is supposed to be not only ‘violent’ and ‘threatening’, but also supportive of terrorism and involved in a ‘clash of civilisations’. It is rather significant to be referred that Islam is viewed as a type of political ideology and is actually

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