Isis And Islam 's Struggle Essay

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ISIS and Islam’s struggle to separate

In today’s society, ISIS and the Muslim population as a whole are commonly grouped together. We must take steps to sympathize with those who are wrongfully accused of being associated with ISIS and differentiate between the two. What is commonly thought to be a pipeline to this issue starts with two words: prejudice and Islamophobia. Prejudice is a common view or opinion of a group of people of which is not based upon fact or reason. Islamophobia, which is directly associated with prejudice, is feelings of dislike of, fear of, or prejudice towards Muslim or Islamic people, especially from a political or power standpoint. Two examples of Islamophobia actually come from two of the most well known United States government figures today. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has stated that one of his political ideas involving ISIS is to ban U.S. entry to Muslims completely, with a poll by Rassmussen finding that almost 66% of Republicans supporting this policy suggestion (“Rasssmussen Report”). In support of the rise seen in anti-Muslim activity, Besheer Mohamed, a senior researcher at Pew says "I 'm struck by the finding that 25 percent of the public thinks at least half the Muslims in the U.S. are anti-American," (qtd. In Grossman) Yet still “alongside this unprecedented upswing in violence, there are still those with major platforms-- like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) -- who say Islamophobia is not that big of a deal”(“The Genesis”). If…

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