Is Spousal Abuse Be Defined As A Tradition? Essay

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Can you imagine spousal abuse being defined as a tradition, rather than a serious crime? Or pregnancy was a fireable offense? How about being limited to certain professions because of society’s expectations? How about having to face difficulties obtaining credit cards due to marital status? What if you had grades to enter ivy leagues, such as Harvard or Yale, yet your gender kept you ostracized from those schools? Not too long ago, this was the reality for women. At the beginning of the sixties, women lived in a world of “constrained choices and belittling remarks (6).” Prior to the 1960s, women was restrained in almost every aspect, from the household to the workplace. Women were expected to conform to the expected path of marrying in her early 20s, devoting her life to homemaking. They had absolutely no legal right to their husbands’ earnings or property yet their husbands were able to control their wives’ property and earnings. In addition, husbands had legal power over their wives to the extent that they were able to imprison or abuse them with impunity (3). Spousal abuse was made illegal in the 1920s, however, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the criminal justice system treated domestic violence as a serious crime, not just a personal family matter. While divorce and child custody was basically out of the question. A woman 's desires and dreams couldn’t be met due to society’s ideology of women. Getting an elite education wasn’t even an option for the brightest…

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