Is India A Nation? Essay

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Often times people visualize a country they have yet to visit with correspondence to a relevant movie or image they have seen. India, a South Asian country of one billion people, is generally either viewed as the colorful, gold filled realm shown in the Tom Cruise starrer, Mission Impossible, or as the poverty stricken, slum infested land depicted in Danny Boyles’s, Slumdog Millionaire. Although these two portrayals may seem drastic, they are not too far off the accuracy of what India is as a nation. No country wants to be left behind as the era of development and expansion continues to proceed. With the same mindset, India has set out to revive its “third-world” image. As a result of urbanization, the establishment of large corporations and infrastructures by the wealthy is only widening the disparity between the rich and poor while simultaneously heightening inequality and poverty.
India is a country in which you can have a ginormous multi-complex and right behind can be the homes of some of the poorest of the poor. Ironically, the poverty rate in India has decreased from 45.3% in 1994 to 21.9% in 2012, yet there are several million citizens living under the poverty line (Banerjee 87). One would think that because the poverty rate has declined over the years, there is less poverty in India. Unfortunately, that is not the case because in 2012 India happened to foster the greatest amount of poor people in the world. This means that while absolute poverty, which is the…

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