Is Consumerism Killing Our Creativity? Essay

1626 Words Oct 16th, 2016 7 Pages
American Society and Creativity

Do you know that an average user logs 1.72 times a day on social platforms? Managing the inflow of data, we consume and the able to be creative more has been a struggle for a major part of the American society. In the articles “Is consumerism Killing Our Creativity?” and “Why Excessive Consumption Limits your Creativity” the authors Ms. Jocelyn K. Glei and Mr. Srinivas Rao respectively discuss how excessive consumerism affects our creativity. They state that most people nowadays are being engaged in immoderate consumption than in creativity that negatively impacts their ability to be creative and do effective work. Moreover, they explain that consumerism becomes addictive because it excites a certain part of our brain when we have so many choices and decisions to make and the satisfaction we get from it doesn’t last long causing us to be engaged more on consumerism. Consequently, they argue that this excitement might blind us from being creative and steal our attention making our work to be less effective. They claim that recent research shows kids that have hard times while growing up are more creative because the hardship teaches them to be flexible and it is considered as character of creativity. In addition, they explain that excessive consumerism could be for our mental health because the satisfaction doesn’t last long forcing people to be consume frequently resulting ins some of them having social communication issues. They conclude…

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