Is College Worth The Debt, The Hard Work And The Headaches You 'll Receive?

1075 Words May 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Is college really worth the debt, the hard work and the headaches you’ll receive? With jobs getting harder to get into and standards being raised, attending college can be a big advantage when applying for a job or starting a business. With all studies and statistics taken, it can be proven that college can be a big step in someone’s life. Numbers and percentages can speak for themselves there is a great difference between those who have attended college and those who haven’t. Workers with a bachelor degree made 40 percent more than those who just have a diploma from high school but that percentage has increased to 80 percent jobs and businesses nowadays are looking for people who have the motivation to work hard and passion.
College is a great symbol of one’s determination that a diploma is like a trophy that not many people have, therefore showing that you have something that someone else doesn’t. Why would a job want someone with a high school diploma over a person who doesn’t have a high school diploma? Because they know that students with a college degree have better education and that they are more responsible that people without a college degree. Colleges can also help shape a person they can find what they truly love to do, high school requires so many classes that there is no room in a student’s schedule to put on art class or music class or a sport class. College can allow for an escape that allows for freedom and productivity they allow for…

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